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ALC Expert


The ALC-expert, outfitted with a smart processor and its algorithms, can achieve major demand and energy savings without jeopardizing facility operations.

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Demand Control: Intelligent Peak Load Control

Demand Control: ALC-expert

Network-Enabled Peak Load Optimization & Energy Management System

Equipped with intelligent monitoring technology and state-of-the-art microelectronics, the ALC-expert is designed to measure and control power demand in real-time. Based on live energy data, priorities, and user defined parameters, connected loads are curtailed to ensure that kW demand stays below the desired threshold. Dynamic Trending is performed with instantaneous load trending calculations to establish necessary correction factors and optimize the load within the preset target values of the imposed utility interval. Expensive demand peaks are prevented without jeopardizing building operations.

ALC Expert Unit

Compact system architecture allows for commercial and industrial applications. The ALC-expert is certified for easy installation in existing or new facilities.

ALC Expert screenshotThe Emacx ALC-visual energy management software can be easily installed on any Windows-based PC. The data transfer connection to the Emacx Automated Load Controller is established via Ethernet, modem, or direct serial connection. ALC-visual is user friendly and, with only a few basic configurations such as IP address and port number, the system is ready to go online.

Application / Functions